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Mário Franco is a product and interior designer. He understands the core values of products to interior design and designs them with a creative touch. Mário Franco develops designs in close communication with his clients and successfully implements them. He is faithful to product realization, based on versatile experience in different areas of design.



Mário Franco's design emphasizes balance and detail. Mário Franco emphasizes good balance when viewed from any direction and good details even in places that are difficult to see. He recognizes the features of the internal structure that form the basis for the external design,    and continues to work to improve the optimal proportions and balance in the design. Since    the esthetics of the products have a great impact on the impression and experience of the space, he takes great responsibility for refining the beauty of the lines, curves and surfaces that form the basis of esthetic excellence.


Mário understands the core values of our clients and strives to create products and spaces that express images with keywords that represent the individuality of the user. In collaboration with various other experts, he always finds the best solution.



    • Product Design85%
    • Interior Design68%
    • 3D Prototype99%
    • ARCHVIZ93%
    • Communication50%
    • WEB70%




    “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

    Viktor Vicsek⁠ ⁠ Most 




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