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ThereeLegs The chair fits in the category Making Chairs it was designed to optimize and monetize the production process, while giving to satisfy consumer demand.

Simplicity was the key words. The demand to have a chair with simple lines and dark.

The name says it all, ThereeLegs arises in seeking to eliminate what could be more in a chair. At the same time to allow an unusual and unique design, but at the same time solving the optimization of resources.

The relaxed posture that allows its user to give, is perfect for living space.
Its contained dimensions, allows use in tighter spaces and full. However, even when solitary, is more spacious than the simplicity of its forms are highlighted.

The Three Legs consists of two parts molded plywood. The first has two legs and the seat. In the second, a leg and the back.

Two fittings together both pieces using it for the ones found in these two holes.

Plywood birch waxed sheet so as to leave the wood as natural as possible.

The chair has dimensions of 560 x 598 x 753mm (LxWxH).